Monday, September 22, 2008

A excelllent turn of events

The Dev has finished rewriting the keyboard event system and it seems to work as expected, that is pressing key Ⅹ for any amount of time results is one key-press event, one key-hold event per frame, and one key-releases event, Holding more then one key produces events for each key independently . The key state graph now looks like this: v________^, if you think that the key state graph should look different, or that the behavior when multiple keys are held should be different, then, by all means, state your opinion in a comment.

strout("this = dev");

assert(quality(LWJGL) == Software::HIGH_QUALITY);

Please note that more testing is still needed before the Dev can be sure that the keyboard event system does work as it should.

{The pun sub-system is still under development, please report any malfunctions}

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