Wednesday, January 28, 2009



DEVELOPMENT SUSPENDED until( || computer = new Computer())


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The latest development on GlassFlame has is in the area of the new Icon system, and the related DisplayList functionality.

Allow me to explain: Icons in GlassFlame will be the quanta of re-drawable graphics elements, a icon is a subclass of public abstract class Icon and represents a graphical object such as a shape or a image.
But icons are much more powerful than that: icons will eventually support filters, so that you could easily draw a blurred or distorted version of a icon in real time.
The DisplayListIcon can be drawn to just as you would draw to the screen, then drawn to the screen as many times as you want. Because DisplayListIcons do not use a raster, but rather a instance of DisplayList to record draw commands, if you decide to draw the icon back later at a different scale, all the non raster data will be redrawn at the new transform, avoiding any interpolation artifacts.
It may even be possible one day to draw one icon inside another, but this may not happen as it would make filters more difficult to implement.

The versatility of icons extends even beyond drawing, it will be possible to 'draw' a icon into a bounding object, and thus create a collision boundary directly from the graphics data.

Icons can be made aware of the passage of time through the step(double) method, but how this will be prevented from interfering with reusability is still under debate.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Year _2009 = new Year(2009)

strOut("this is the dev");
assert(posts-per-week > 2);
strOut("Happy new year");