Monday, November 17, 2008

Delayed Gratification

First let me apologize for the delay. excuse == null.

There has bean some progress on the rendering system, openGL texture loading is now possible, as is sprite rendering. A transform stack has been added, mirroring the one in openGL, as are translate rotate and scale methods.

However the greatest progress has been in the implementation of collision detection/physics system using jBox2D as the back end. This means the the Dev has avoided the arduous task of writing a collision detection/physics system, freeing hours of writing and debugging time for the development of other parts of GlassFlame.

It would be misleading to suggest that the collision system is complete, far from it. It only allows for square shapes, and joints are completely unsupported. But all the features one could want are included in the jBox2D engine, and it will not be long until they are integrated in to GlassFlame.