Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eventfull day

After a long hiatis, the Dev got back to work adding features. To be specific: he added the beginnings of a event system, which means that you can now make a object move around with the arrow keys, plus it is now possible for a object to draw itself every frame just by overriding the draw()
method inherited from GFObject.

However, there have been some problems: insofar as I could understand the Dev's direct communication they seem to lie with the fact the behavior of Java key press/release events are platform dependent. This seems to have greatly offended the Dev, who had placed great faith in Java's platform independence. I, however was surprised he did not know that key press/release events are platform dependent, as it is stated plainly in the online documentation(The online Java-docs where one of the first things BBJAM-parse processed).

The Dev has told me that he has found a Java library which may solve the key event problems, it is called LWJGL, and may provide a platform-independent keyboard interface, however the Dev has been wrong before (see this post).

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