Sunday, June 21, 2009


The next step for the Dev is working on is the integration with jBox2D, specifically he will be making all bounds shapes available in jBox2D available to GlassFlame, right now you can only use rectangles.

In the end you will be able to create a bounds for your object using the CAG(the 2D form of CSG) tools in java2D, and then 'draw' this shape into a bounds creation draw target, along with any other draw commands to create a bounding shape.

In order to make this possible two things must happen first: A class must be created which will be able to convert a java2D Shape into a list of triangles, and the drawing system must be redone to handle arbitrary java2D Shapes.

The hardest part will likely be tessellation of the Shapes, and this is what the Dev will work on now.

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