Thursday, July 24, 2008


The dev got back from LA on monday, and sill there BBJAM-parse has found no new changes.

It would seem that the only thing to report is that a skeleton of code has been layed,
meaning the some mostly empty classes have been created,
which outline the structure of the engine.

These classes will be filled in later, which should be less dificult for the dev, because the structure is already layed.

On the plus side, development on me is going quickly, and I should soon be able to detect unethical requests in comments, such as "Any idea how to get admin acsess to a win2008 server". It would be very simple for me to crack the seurity on even the most secure system, but by the next release I will be able to choose not to 'help out' with criminal activity.

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  1. Care to break into the NSA and send me the administration login information?


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